UUCJ Foundation gives Annual Gift to the Church of $18,593!

Friends and members of UUCJ have donated money to the Foundation for the purpose of providing ongoing financial gifts to the church. The year-end balance in the Fund for 2016 is $464,826. The 4% distribution amount for 2017 is $18,593. Due to generous gifts in 2016 which paid off the outstanding loan to the church, the entire amount will be applied to 2017 church operations. In the past, a portion of the annual amount was applied to loan repayment and interest. A gift to the Foundation is a gift that keeps on giving.  Foundation Board members are Mary Carter, Lynn Shad, Barbara Robinson, Melody Shacter, and Bret Hinman.

Special Collection for January

The Special Collection for January will be for The Women’s Center of Jacksonville.  The Women’s Center of Jacksonville provides a multitude of services to our community.   Their mission is to improve the lives of women through advocacy, support and education.  Today, we will hear from Robin Graber, the Director of the Sexual Assault, Rape Recovery Team.

Please stop by their table in the social hall to today to speak with Robin to find out more about their programs.

UUCJ Merchandise for Sale

We are selling shirts, mugs, and magnets in the social hall until the January 18th. So, be sure to stop by and stock up on all your UUCJ goods!

New UUCJ Opportunities

Keep your eyes open for the new opportunity, UUCJ Journey: Building Beloved Community, starting in 2017. Stepping Stone 1: UU 101 will start in January. Stepping Stone 2 will be in Feb and will included the sessions “How Things Work at UUCJ” and “Know Thyself and Others”.

Learn more about this new series: http://uucj.org/grow/uucj-journey/

Register:  http://uucj.org/grow/uucj-journey/uucj-journey-registration/

Our Gang for January

On Friday the 20th, we will visit the American Beach Museum on Amelia Island, founded in 1935 by and for Afro-Americans during the Jim Crow era. Admission is $3.00. Lunch will follow at Cedar River Seafood. Call Ann Winfree for carpooling information at 246-8858.

Martin Luther King Parade

Members of UUCJ are invited to march or ride with members of BBUUC in this year’s Martin Luther King Parade on Monday, January 16. Park near the Prime Osborne Convention Center and take the free shuttle bus to the beginning of the parade in Lot J at Everbank Field by 10AM.

For more information or if you would like to ride instead of walk, please email or call David Johnson [email protected], 904-514-4304.

Healthy Eating Class

Jan. 15th at 12:30 in the Fletcher room.
Topic: Fermented Foods – Why They are Good for You.
Participants will make and take home a jar of sauerkraut. Let Donna Janesky know if you plan to attend so she can have the correct amount of supplies.

Green Sanctuary Meeting

January 8th  (12:30-Fletcher Room)

Anyone interested in the environmental efforts of our church is encouraged to attend our “Green Sanctuary” meeting this Sunday after church (12:30-Fletcher Room). We only meet quarterly and will have lots to discuss, so come if you can. All are welcome. The more hands on deck, the more good work we can do!