Wrapping up Guest at Your Table

Please continue turning in your coin boxes and envelopes to support our UUSC projects around the world. The work for human rights and community empowerment continues all year.

Guest at Your Table

It’s time to the Guest at Your Table coin boxes. Please bring them to church this week or whenever you return from the holidays. Thanks for supporting our global projects.

Volunteers Needed

A couple of volunteers are needed to help tidy up after the Christmas Eve Cookie Communion. Duties would be getting coffee cups into the dishwashers and starting them, emptying and rinsing coffee urns and tidying the kitchen. If you can help, please email Karen Smith-Scott at [email protected] or text to 904-613-1984.

Our Gang Outing

Jan 10, 2018 Wednesday, 11:30 AM at Café Nola

Lunch at Café Nola and Tour of Museum of Contemporary Art at Jacksonville (MOCA) and browsing books at Chamblin’s Bookstore.

Contact: Carlos Fraticelli, 904-894-4660, [email protected] Call so I can make reservations for Café Nola at MOCA.

January 13 Concert with David Roth: Great Holiday Gift Idea!

SUUSI favorite, David Roth, will be in concert at UUCJ Saturday, January 13 at 7pm. Advance tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children 17 and under. You can buy tickets at the door for $20 for adults the night of the concert. Linda Plummer will sell tickets at the church December 31 and January 7. If you won’t be at church, mail a check made out to UUCJ to”

Linda Plummer
12866 Huntley Manor Dr
Jacksonville 32224


Special Collections: Arlington Community Services

Our Special Collections today is Arlington Community Services, a non-profit, tax-exempt service.  Founded in 1989, the church and community supported food pantry has been providing help for Arlington families for more than 27 years.  Please welcome Debra Woods,  Executive Director for the Arlington Community Services.  Make checks out to UUCJ with “Arlington Community Services” in the memo line and use the envelope provided for this purpose.

Hallelujah Chorus Singalong 

To help celebrate the holiday season, Immediately following the morning service on Dec. 17, there will be a gathering  around the piano
 to lift our voices in a read-through of the Halleluljah Chorus.   Please join in if you have ever – or ever wanted to – sing this magnificent choral work.

~ Jeanne Huebner, music coordinator