Religious Exploration & Group Meetings

Children & Youth

Children and Youth Religious Exploration programming at UUCJ strives to


/in’spī’ur/ v. excite energies, ideals, or reverence


/fāTH/ n. a confident or wholehearted belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.

We actively seek to invoke a sense of wonder and awe about life, and it’s many gifts. We work towards cultivating a sense of UU identity while fostering divergent thinking. We explore our UU values through experiential lessons and engaging stories. We do not want only to take the children from A to B. We want to give them A and help them realize their own path to B and beyond! Our kids are often given leadership opportunities and asked to help craft their worship. After all, it is THEIR worship!

We center our programming around what we call the Big Ideas.

These ideas are values and concepts stemming from our seven principles.

At each stage of programming, we focus on three Big Ideas and each session is related to one of those Big Ideas.

We believe that a child exploring these Big Ideas on a consistent basis will live an enriched life.


 tadpole-cove-bannerTadpole Cove (0-PreK)

Tadpole Cove is a welcoming, energetic space for children from 0 to 5 years old. This nursery provides structure and familiarity to children while encouraging exploration and curiosity through play and socialization. Tadpole Cove is open from 9:30am – 1:30pm. Please join us in the Howe room.

Big Ideas

You are Loved   You are Never Alone   Love Made You

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water-village-with-nameThe Water Village (K-5th)

The Water Village is a loving community where children are invited to be a part of a living story. Water Villagers worship together through an engaging story, UU rituals, and experiential learning activities. They experience what it means to be a community and learn how to practice UU values. Please sign-in at the blue kiosk outside of the Sanctuary. The children travel together from service to The Water Village.

Big Ideas

I Treat Myself with Love    I Treat Others with Love    I Treat the Earth with Love

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Last Week in the Water Village!
Water Village Update
Last Sunday, in addition to our Chalice Lighting, Joys & Sorrows, and Meditation, we explored the following: Strength in Unity a story by Faye Mogensen. This story was inspired by an Indian folktale sometimes called The Hunter and the Doves.
Our Big Idea: I treat others with Love
One way to do this is by helping one another for a common good.
  In short, Strength in Unity is about birds coming together to free themselves from a net. Some birds only focused on getting themselves free. They sharpened their beaks so they could cut their way out of a net if needed. Other birds thought that this wasn’t enough because it didn’t help all the birds. The birds made a plan and when a group of them got caught under a net, they all flapped their wings at the same time. Eventually they were able to lift themselves and the net into the sky. Then they all tilted to one side and allowed the net to slide off of them.

Highlights of Worship

  • Sophia led worship all the way up to the story portion. IT WAS AWESOME!
  • The story had many opportunities for the group to act in unison. Just like the birds, we all flapped out wings together.
  • In the story the birds had to whisper their plan to one another. So we passed the whisper all the way around our circle, making sure to be very clear with the instructions. The instructions made it all the way around! Such a great team!
  • The children pointed out that when we treat others with love and try to help them. We end up treating ourselves with love too. If we treat the earth with love, we are treating others with love because they live on it, which means we are treating ourselves with love because we share it with them!

Suggestions for home

  • Our story was about how the birds met their worst fears. It is the story of how we can face ours! Together! If a member of your family is having a challenge in their life right now and it is scary, take this opportunity to face it together. Literally. If X has a shot coming up soon and they are afraid of it, have the family go. If X has a test at work or school coming up, have the family sit down and do a study session together. Talk about how when you are together; you can face anything.




walenthorpefinalHouse of Walenthorpe (6th-12th)

The UUCJ Youth Group program is now called Walenthorpe. Walenthorpe was created using the three values required for the group’s success: honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness.

The youth are participating in a story-land community in a wizardry school, inspired by J.K. Rowling’s world of Harry Potter. They are crafting and participating in this living story while learning about various topics. There will be strong fantasy language throughout the program, with lessons and values woven through that are very practical and UU.  Walenthorpe meets in the Darwin room every Sunday from 12:15pm – 1:15pm.

The Big Ideas

Should I practice honesty with myself and others?    Should I practice open-mindedness?    Should I practice willingness?

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Last week in Walenthorpe!

Walenthorpe Update
Last Sunday we explored the following topics; #MeToo
Highlights from their discussion
  • People underestimated the movement
  • People have been going through this for a very long time and are just now starting to speak up
  • Powerful people have powerful consequences
  • certain behaviors can be a result of influence received while you were young
  • Be sure to stand up for yourself and not follow someone’s orders when you know the order is bad
  • People (especially males) in denial or hiding their support, only hurt the movement


For adults, we offer Religious Exploration classes and group meetings throughout the week:

  • Spiritual Studies: This class studies selected readings or books on spirituality. All are welcome. For more information contact David Keel. Sundays @9:30am in the Channing Room.
  • Playing with Ideas: This class meets Sundays @ 9:30-10:30 in the Anthony Room.
  • We Agnostics: An AA meeting for atheists, agnostics, and others of a more liberal religious persuasion. Tuesdays @ 7pm in the Anthony Room.
  • Jax Soto Zen Meditation: Led by Dr. Roger Cochran. Mondays @ 7:00pm in the Anthony Room. (Does not meet on 5th Monday of the month).
  • Covenant Groups: Build personal connections in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Our Covenant Groups are a small gathering of people who meet regularly to get to know each other and explore significant questions involving spirituality and the business of living. If you are interested in joining a group or would simply like more info, contact Christopher Pridham.



I do not think it is the business of a poet to be a guru. It is his business to write poetry, and to do that he must remain open and vulnerable.
~ May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude (1973)