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Constance Miller, “Who Are The Quakers?”

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7405 Arlington Expressway Jacksonville, FL 32211

By serving compassionately and connecting authentically, we change the world.

Recent Sermons

Our Hope in Finding Each Other

Come join us for our next installment for our Summer Series entitled “How can We Change the World?” We are pleased to welcome Matt Hartley, the director of the UNF Interfaith Center.

Honoring the Place of Not Knowing

Jacquie Hochstin continues our summer theme on “How can We Change the World?” This sermon is an open invitation to explore a way to be with the questions in the world, the questions we ask in our personal lives and in our communal lives and the questions we ask in the larger world. This approach will ask us to approach these questions with reverence and curiosity. We will explore how living into our questions can make us sensitive observers in…


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