Nurture Our Beloved Community – Mission Funding Effort Theme for 2018

The Mission Funding Team brainstormed recently to come up with the theme for the Mission Funding Effort which will fund our operating expenses, an expansion of staff hours, and hopefully make a small down payment on our capital needs.  Nurturing UU Church of Jacksonville takes resources and our old standby buzz phrase for this is Time – Talent  – Treasure.

The time and talent comes from our members as volunteers and UUCJ employees who help the UUCJ Board manage UUCJ’s campus and operations.  We are hoping to expand staff hours for some positions and create new part-time positions to support the activities of our shared ministry.  The Mission Funding Team thinks these additional resources will enhance our welcoming community, leading to more guests and new members and also improving services to existing members.

The treasure, your financial contributions, will help us care for our spiritual home.  Our award winning Church campus needs a renewal.  It will provides a home for our Sunday services and religious education programs for children and adults, supports outreach to the Arlington community and Jacksonville in general, and provides an inviting environment for our small group activities, such as the Journey Programs and various support groups.  The improvement of these ministries and programs will allow us to reach outward and help the Arlington Community and Jacksonville through such efforts as ICARE and special collection efforts.  It also enhances our internal ministry to each other as we progress through our spiritual paths.


From Mission Funding Team

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