UUSC Call to Action!

Despite the president’s order to stop separating families at the border, the crisis is far from over. It’s important to support our UU Service Committee with phone calls to legislators. Remember that the founders of UUSC, Rev. Waitsill and Martha Sharp, gave up their lives in the US in 1939 to help people flee the Nazi terror in Europe. Surely we can take a few minutes to call or write a letter.

The most important item to stress to your legislators is that the children who were taken from their parents need to be re-united as quickly as possible. Grants for asylum should not be reduced; TPS (protective status) for many Central American and Haitian refugees should remain in place. Our country could also increase aid and support to the countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala so that people do not have to flee in the first place. Choose any of these points to discuss, but please do something. If we are silent, Congress can only assume we do not care.

  • Sen. Marco Rubio – 904-354-4300 DC – 202-224-3041
  • Sen. Bill Nelson – 904-346-4500 DC – 202-224-5274
  • Dist. 4 – Rep. John Rutherford – 904-831-5205 DC- 202-225-2501
  • Dist. 3 – Rep. Ted Yoho – 904-276-9626 DC – 202-225-5744
  • Dist. 5 – Rep. Al Lawson – 904-354-1652 DC – 202-225-0123
  • Dist. 6 – Rep. Ron DeSantis – DC – 202-225-2706

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