June 15th Speaker Bio: Ericka Kofkin

Ericka Kofkin is the Special Populations Coordinator for the City of Coral Gables. The city firmly believes in including every person in their recreational, sporting and social activities, regardless of their physical or cognitive condition. This means that Ericka is responsible for addressing the needs of and providing accommodations for all persons wishing to participate in public programs in Coral Gables. Compassion for and understanding of those with physical disabilities comes easily for Ericka, who lost her hearing when she sustained a traumatic brain injury at the age of 19.

Ericka currently holds a Therapeutic Recreation  degree from Florida International University, where she was the first disabled student awarded accommodations to travel on a University sponsored program. Ericka’s compassion doesn’t end with human beings. She is also a champion of animals. She moves through the world with the help of her service dog, Avery, whom she trained herself. In the past, she once came to the rescue of 13 dogs and 30 cats, moving them into her own home after a flood until they could be returned to their shelter. This inborn sense of compassion and commitment makes Ericka a natural advocate for those who face physical or cognitive challenges.

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