UUCJ Foundation Meeting December 9

The UUCJ Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, December 9th at UUCJ after the Sunday service. The Foundation meeting will immediately follow the church Annual Meeting. All members in good standing of UUCJ are also members of the Foundation and will be entitled to vote.

There are three open positions on the Foundation Board to be filled by election. The following are nominees for the UUCJ Foundation Board: Barbara Robinson, one year term as Foundation President; Mark Dickens, three year term as Board Member; and Meg Rohal, three year term as Board Member. Current Board Member, Melody Shacter, will continue for one more year. Current Board Member, Carlos Fraticelli, will continue for two more years and will serve as Secretary/Treasurer. Mary Carter, current Foundation President, will leave the Board and take a much deserved break after a number of years of service. We thank her for her long dedication to stewardship of the UUCJ Endowment Fund, which is vital to the long term health and success of UUCJ.

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