Visit from the UUA Southern Region

On Saturday, March 2, the UUCJ Board met all day with the UUA Southern Region Co-Leads Natalie Briscoe and Connie Goodbread and with Rev. Linda Hart Green who is a member of the Southern Region Adjunct Team.  The majority of the board found our time with them to be honest, emotional, thoughtful and, at times, uplifting.  Connie, Natalie, Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson and Rev. Linda Hart Green are all committed to helping this congregation to move forward  to a place of health and trust, living our covenant and committed to our mission.

On Sunday, March 3,  Natalie and Connie talked with members of the congregation before the regular church service, and after the service as well. During that time they emphasized that they are both available as a resources to members and friends who need to talk – to share perspective, or work through feelings.  Below is their contact information (please text to set up an appointment time):

Connie Goodbread 727.772.3508
Natalie Briscoe 512.296.5396

Connie, Natalie, Linda and the Board, feel that the Conversation Circle planned for next Sunday needs to be cancelled for now.  We aren’t ready emotionally, nor do we have the skills needed for this type of process.   Rev. Linda Hart Green will be with us for our worship service on March 10th.

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