Chancel Table Update

We all love seeing the chancel table decorated each Sunday, and the church has struggled for the past few years to have a sustainable system for responsibility for decorating this table. (In case you’re not familiar, the chancel table is next to the chalice!) The Worship Committee has recently found two generous volunteers within the congregation to take on decorating the chancel table on a regular basis. They will be taking six-week rotations, and likely will leave up a seasonal installation for that length of time. They are investing their own time, talent, and treasure in this work, and we ask that you respect that by not dismantaling or distrubing the chancel table decoration in any way. If you need to use the sanctuary and the table is not appropriate (e.g. wedding, memorial service), please move the table rather than dismantaling the decorations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Worship Committee Chair Katie Dalbey.

One Response to “Chancel Table Update

  1. For Katie Dalbey: I volunteered to help on the worship committee when I joined the church a year ago but have not been asked/invited to do anything yet. Perhaps I could help with the chancel table decorations as an alternate? I have helped with a number of other things in my time at UUCJ–currently volunteer in the office on Thurday afternoons and offered a well-received Vision Board Workshop in November as a Service Auction donation.

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