Followup on Our 2019 Earth Day Resolution Tree

Our Earth Day Resolution Tree went up on April 28 and stayed up until May 12 (three weeks).  We were happy to have had 31 green resolutions posted.  Thank you all!  Here are the topics of your resolutions and the number of people posting on that topic:  Using less plastic-6.  Vegan/Vegetarian-4.  Recycling-3.  Local/organic food-2.  Grow more food-2.  Composting-2.  Trash-2.  Less paper-2.  No plastic straws-2.  Reusable grocery bags-2.  Florida natives-1.  Education-1.  Be effective in actions-1.  Nature outings-1.  Total-31.  Thank you to all our participants for resolving to make the earth a little greener!

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