A Path to Reason for America by Phil Scanlan

A Path to Reason for AmericaPhil Scanlan, UUCJ member in Fernandina Beach, will be on the UUCJ campus on December 8 where he will have copies of his new book A Path to Reason for America for sale for $10 — and Phil will donate all proceeds from sales back to UUCJ.  This will be an opportunity to talk with Phil about his book, his reasons for writing it, and his passion for improving the lives of all Americans.  (And get him to autograph your copy!)

Description of the book: The first half of the book explains how to fix Washington and resolve our multiple crises using a quality approach. The second half of the book provides examples of how to apply this quality approach to reduce twenty-three US crises while balancing the budget. With each crisis analysis is a personal story to show how individuals are affected by each of these crises. The underlying root cause of the loss of hope in the American dream is identified along with how to restore hope in the American dream.

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