Arlington Community Garden Update

This is what the Arlington Community Garden grew for the month of March 2020:

7 oz. KALE
6 lbs Collard greens
10 LBS carrots
3 lbs radish
4 LBS Swiss Chard

TOTAL 26 LBS 15 oz.

Totaling: 25 LBS and 15 oz. of produce delivered to the food pantry Arlington Community Services.

Currently growing are peas, potatoes, blueberries, mustard greens, cucumbers, onions, herbs, like beans and just planted okra!

And since UUCJ started the garden, we have donated 5,401.48 pounds of fresh, organic produce to Arlington Community Services and continue to be their only source of fresh produce.

Nichole King is our current grower and is continuing to grow food for those in need during this crises.

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