Speaker Bio: Sukhbir Singh

Sukhbir Singh practices Sikhism as a path to humanity and salvation. Sukhbir’s family has lived in Jacksonville for twenty-five years and his is probably the longest living Sikh family in this area.

Sukhbir has been married to Sargum for almost thirty years. They are blessed with two sons, who have been raised in the Jacksonville community. Sukhbir is a small business entrepreneur and has a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics and Master’s in Computer Science.

Sukhbir is a co-founder of the Sikh Society of North East Florida. Sukhbir has been an architect in creating awareness about Sikhism and Turbans in our community through lectures as well as presentations in schools, colleges, universities, temples, churches, hospitals, and in the mayor’s and Sheriff’s offices. He has also engineered three Turban Days on the University of North Florida campus as part of his continuous efforts to educate the Jacksonville community.

Sukhbir has a passion to cultivate universal brotherhood and oneness, which are the tenets of Sikhism.

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