Speaker Bio: Pinchos Kurinsky

Pinchos Kurinsky is from a milieu of social activism. As a young man he was active in the civil rights movement and other causes. Because of his interest in writing he pursued a PhD in English and American literature at NYU,  but left after receiving an MA to teach in inner city schools. After a few years as a teacher he began a spiritual odyssey; eventually settling, with his wife, into the life of a Chabad Chassid. In the late 70s he returned to graduate school to study social work, and spent over thirty years working as a licensed clinical social worker, running programs targeting the Jewish poor and homeless. He simultaneously conducted a private counseling practice. Recently he has returned to poetry, a love of his youth. He published a collection of poetry and received first prize in a national poetry contest. He connected with this congregation  through participating in the “Gathering Of Poets” poetry workshop led by Dr. Sharon Scholl.  He is the proud co-founder of a wonderful small tribe, including rabbis, educators, business people, and medical professionals. Currently he is pursuing rabbinical studies on-line. He also enjoys bike-riding, walks on the beach, canoeing, and meditation. He is a volunteer lay chaplain for people in prison.

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