Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know (about UUCJ)

As the result of several years of work by your Adult Religious Education Committee (Michael Franklin, Jennifer Tucker, and Sharon Scholl) we have an account of UU history along with our church’s history available on our church website.  We include an introduction to church operations with a list of committees and what they do.  There is a description of our worship traditions and why they are chosen, plus our financial practices and many outreach services to the community. 

You can find these new UU 101 materials under the “Grow” menu tab on our website, or just click this link: https://uucj.org/courses/uu-101/

The content is available as a downloadable PDF, or you can access it all on our website. Both mediums are easily browsable by topic.

We suspect wherever you start, you’ll end by thinking “Wow!  I didn’t know we did all this.”

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