Arlington Community Services Update

Thank you for your wonderful giving spirit this December. We have received abundant food, gift cards, toys, and handmade blankets, scarves, and hats. Your generosity has helped us bless many of our neighbors in need.

We will be open Monday-Wednesday for the holiday weeks to come. We are closed on Christmas eve and day and New Year’s eve and day.  Continue to be blessed and a blessing to others, and be safe!

Peace, Mary Louise Weber, Executive Director of Arlington Community Services, Inc.

UUCJ/ACS Teamsters want to thank the entire congregation for your generosity.  We project that our congregation will contribute 4200 pounds of groceries in 2020, including the Arlington Community Garden’s contributions. 

Some of you donated cash because it was more convenient than buying and delivering groceries—a $20 donation would purchase about 40 lbs. of groceries.

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