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Along with a number of others from our congregation, I attended the ICARE Celebration via Zoom on Monday evening. It was inspiring to hear an update on current projects in our area. The civil citations project for youth has saved many young people from debilitating criminal records while requiring accountability. Sheriff Williams and States Attorney Nelson are committed to further development of an adult civil citations program as well as working at developing an intervention team to deal with mental health crises. Sheriff Williams is also committed to the possibility of working with the National Network for Safe Communities to reduce violence in our community.

Schools Superintendent Green has established restorative justice program in schools which has led to a reduction of out-of-school suspensions from 9,000 last year to 4,000 this year.

These are just a few of the positive developments shared. We can be proud that our congregation was the only one achieving 100% of average Sunday service attendance participating in ICARE’s Nehemiah Assembly last month. If I remember correctly we were right at the top of all congregations in money contributed to the organizations well.

This type of community based social justice organizing bringing together many diverse faith communities is a wonderful development and I applaud you for it.

On another note, on Sunday, June 6, we will be celebrating Flower Communion, a tradition begun by the Unitarian congregation in Prague the first Sunday of June in 1923. We won’t be able to exchange flowers in person, of course, but we encourage each individual/family to take a picture of yourself holding a flower(s) and then send that photo to us. Krystalle will create a slide show to be displayed during the service. Send your photo to her at .

Rev. Paul

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