President’s Message

Two weeks ago, the Board approved the Ministerial Agreement that was sent to all members. We are truly fortunate to be reopening in September with Rev. Lee Ann Washington as our minister. She brings the experience and enthusiasm that we need to reestablish in-person services in the fall. The first service is just 3 months away.

There are programs throughout the summer. Small groups are meeting safely in person at the church and in member homes. Sunday services will continue to be held virtually until September. The number of attendees has grown, and several have expressed interest in UUCJ membership.

A lot of work needs to be done to rejuvenate programs. There are many ways to participate. The UUCJ Board has one vacancy. The following committees need members: Membership, Mission Funding, Children and Youth Religious Education, Denominational Affairs, Congregational Life, Mission Funding and Social Action.

Mission Funding is responsible for the Annual Pledge Drive. Everyone has been very generous and supportive over the last year. To continue current programs, reestablish ones on hiatus and develop new programs, that support must continue. If anyone would like to help the Board plan and coordinate the 2021 pledge drive, please contact Virginia in the church office or any Board member.

CYREC, the Children and Youth Religious Education Committee, plans and directs the children and youth programs that have been put on hold during the last year. Families need our support. The UUA has rich and dynamic education programs and materials. Those with children or have had children or have been children can help revive the strong religious education programs we had in the past.

Committee chairs (appointed and acting) are listed on the UUA website: You may contact them with questions. Committee charters can be reviewed so members can support the church in an area that interests them. If you are interested is finding the committee that matches your interests, please contact any member of the Board for further information. Or do your own research on the or web sites.

This week we will have the opportunity to look in on the UUA General Assembly to learn what programs are important to our national UU organization and bring back some ideas that might be useful for us.

Again, thanks for all that you do for UUCJ. We have a bright future ahead.

Vince Ober
UUCJ Board President

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