Message From The President

Hello everyone,

The bad news is that we did not get to resume in person services in September.  The good news is that Rev. Lee Anne will deliver her first sermon at UUCJ on Srpt 12th.  We look forward to the start of a bright future.

New COVID19 cases are half the number of a few weeks ago. We may be at a safer level soon.  In the meantime, members should get the COVID19 vaccine to protect themselves and also their family and friends. 

The mission funding effort this year is being organized by the Board.  To resume in-person activities and create new programs, we need contributions of time, talent, and financial support.  This year’s funding effort will include highlighting the many activities we are doing, discussing our dreams for the future, and hearing from members about why they contribute.

Thanks to you all for what you do for the church and also for the opportunity to serve as your Board president.

Vince Ober
UUCJ Board President

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