Notice of UUCJ-Related Email Scam

Rev. Lee Anne’s email address has been spoofed, and there has been an email scam circulating among the congregation. If you receive an email from Rev. Lee Anne that requests a favor from you (with no other details), DO NOT RESPOND to the email. It is a scam, and they will try to persuade you to buy them gift cards.

This is a common scam in which people will pretend to be pastors or bosses and exploit people’s trust and good will to get money. Note that this does NOT mean that we have been hacked or that there has been any security breach at UUCJ. Rather, the scammer spoofs (or fakes) Rev. Lee Anne by using publicly available information from our website.

If you receive ANY suspicious email from Rev. Lee Anne, particularly if it is not from her email address ( or ), do not respond to it and let us know. You can email Rev. Lee Anne and Krystalle at (Director of Technical Services)  with details of the email.

In light of this recent attempt, Krystalle will be hosting a Zoom class on how to avoid online phishing attempts and online scams. Stay tuned for details!

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