Our music team at UUCJ is one fantastic group of musicians, however it is a small one and getting smaller.  Jeanne Huebner who so beautifully filled many vital roles within the music group, including pianist, has temporarily had to step down. Sharon Scholl has been doing an amazing job as our primary accompanist, however a backup pianist or more are sorely needed to put some flexibility and peace of mind into the program.    

What a blessing it is to have Hope lead the songs for our worship services; but  backups are needed here as well:  soloists, duos, trios or quartets that could be called on to lead the hymns from time to time would add some much-needed breathing room to the schedule.

Musicians and vocalists, we hope you will take the opportunity to enhance our worship services by sharing your talents with us. Our group will work with you to get the best possible fit. Contact Cee Cee Severin – – if you can help with any of this or if you have any questions.

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