President’s Letter

We are finishing up the first quarter of the year.  Things certainly do change a lot.  The Azaleas are blooming, our Governor is criticizing children whose parents recommend masking, and Europe is embroiled in a major war.  The arrival of spring was a good bet, but so many other things are impossible to predict.

Fortunately, peace and tranquility can be found at UUCJ.  There is a lot of positive energy here.

The biggest news is that we plan to resume in-person services starting March 13th.  How wonderful is that?  The Worship and Music teams are enthusiastically working with Rev. Lee Anne to deliver some great programs over the next several months.  

The church buildings and grounds need to have a lot of TLC.  Who knew that after a couple of years deferred maintenance would be so obvious?  In the past the church had a monthly workday with members of the congregation making many improvements.  We need to rediscover that team spirit.

The Mission Funding effort for 2022 was a great success.  The Mission Funding committee decided on a goal of $210,000, enough to cover expenses for the year when combined with a distribution from the Foundation and money from the Board Reserve Fund.  And thanks to the generous contributions of so many, we have received 2022 pledges of $213,636.00, with $54,464 already raised.   This compares with 2021 pledges totaling $208,102.00 with $207,763 raised.  Historically, UUCJ members have met their commitments (unlike some churches were the amount raised falls below that pledged).  Thanks to so many who made the fund drive a success.  The money raised will allow UUCJ to continue the many important programs that we have and expand over the rest of the year.

COVID-19 is not front-page news anymore, but the virus is not gone.  The new normal team has recommended following CDC guidelines.  These are constantly changing, but as of 3/3/22 we recommend the following:

  • Immunization provides the best protection against infection.  Unvaccinated persons are at much higher risk for infection, hospitalization, and death.
  • Everyone should wear a mask when inside.  N-95 masks are the most effective. Before removing their masks outdoors, all members and guests should ask others if they are comfortable being unmasked.
  • Space chairs 3 feet apart in the chapel
  • Food should be served outside
  • Persons who are sick should stay home and get tested.
  • Services should continue to be broadcast for persons who cannot attend

Thanks for letting me serve as your Board president, 

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