Service Auction: Thanks to All!

Kudos to all involved in the Service auction, Donors, Bidders, Staff and Volunteers!  Financially speaking, we had the best Service Auction since 2017 yielding $17,255…and still counting!  The Donors outdid themselves this year, we had more vacations getaways than I’ve ever seen and several  high yielding theme parties, brunches, lunches, dinners, picnics and a tea too.

The Florie Adiutori Service Auction Memorial Fund made over $1000 all by itself, what a tribute to her memory!  The Matching Funds was the largest we have ever had, and I don’t mind telling you I was worried about this one.  Towards the end of the auction we were only halfway there, but many of you swooped in the last couple of hours and made donations;  we surpassed our goal, the seed money was added and we achieved a final total of $4,035!

The tangibles we had were spectacular: extraordinary art, beautiful, interesting baskets (many including gift cards), a variety of individual gift cards as well, new items and unique vintage ones, also an array of sparkling jewelry and enough book collections to indulge many tastes.

Pat yourself on the back, Bidders, you responded to this array of services and items in such giving ways: many of you placed your first bids higher than the opening ones; several of you bid and won a bunch of the offerings and spent a good amount!!  Whether you spent a small amount or large it all added up, GREAT JOB!

What was the most popular item this year, the one that sparked the most bidding wars:  HANDYMAN SERVICES!  The  most popular tangible that also sparked bidding wars: PLANT BENCHES…note to self:  both of these donations came from Fernandina Members, please remind me to have more of these on the auction next year.

Was so inspired by the generosity and creativity of members/friends this year and especially the feeling of our collective group pulling together for a common goal, culminating in the Service Auction.  Think that Florie and Alice would say:  Congrats All, WELL DONE!

The Fundraising Team

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