Month: September 2022

New Normal Team Update

The numbers of new COVID 19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have decreased significantly in Northeast Florida. The community risk level is low according to CDC calculations. The level is based on multiple factors including new cases, hospital admissions, deaths, and the health care resources available in the community. Other factors that have led to improvements

Minister’s Letter September 2022

Dear Ones, Our Seventh Principle reminds us that we are part of an interdependent and interconnected web of existence – that we belong to each other. We feel each other’s pain and share in each other’s joy.  So, as we begin meteorological autumn and a new liturgical cycle, it is appropriate that our first monthly

New Normal Team Update

The 9/9/22 CDC COVID risk level is medium.  Recommendations include: Wear a mask if you are at high risk for getting very sick (age over 65, chronic medical problems, smokers,etc). Vaccines are approved and recommended  for anyone age 6 months and older.  Booster shots are 90% effective at preventing hospitalization. Get tested if you are

Water Communion September 11

This Sunday’s water communion will focus on our local communities. Please bring a small container of water from near your home – your tap, a stream, a pond, the ocean – to contribute to our bowl of communal water. During the ceremony, you will be asked to identify your household, including the community of Jacksonville

Welcome Garden

On Labor of Love Sunday, several volunteers who worked in the front north garden as you enter the church, were dismayed by all the weeds and how it has not looked very inviting for some time. This area is the first thing visitors see, and several of us have decided to take action so we