Welcome Garden

On Labor of Love Sunday, several volunteers who worked in the front north garden as you enter the church, were dismayed by all the weeds and how it has not looked very inviting for some time. This area is the first thing visitors see, and several of us have decided to take action so we will be proud of all of our beautiful campus. Hope Clayton, Darlene Larson, Betsy Deuerling, Yanella Parra, and Donna Janesky have come up with the following plan: We want to rename the garden, “The Welcome Garden.” We will remove weeds and replant with ground covers and plants that are native, and easily sustainable.

On the third Tuesday of every month, we will have a “Welcome Garden Party” from 10:am to 12 noon. During this time we will enjoy each other’s company and work at weeding. planting, mulching, and otherwise keeping the garden in good shape. This is where you come in. We would love to have additional help with this project. There are no funds at this time, so donations, plants from your yard (we will note what plants we need),and certainly joining us on the third Tuesday to lend a hand would be most desirable.

The Welcome Garden Party will operate under the umbrella of Green Sanctuary. Let’s make sure that our Welcome Garden will create great big smiles as we walk into our wonderful UUCJ experiences!

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