Month: October 2022

President’s Letter

The success and survival of UUCJ relies on the contributions of many members.  The Worship Committee, Music Committee, and Minister coordinate a great variety of wonderful programs.  But we do not see the work done by many others. When things need to be repaired, the grounds need to be cleaned, rooms need to be organized,

Join the Fundraising Team

If you have creative skills such as photography, writing, crafting, decorating, cooking/baking, or computer skills, the Fundraising Team could use you for their annual fundraising projects! Contact Darlene Larsen for more info.

Mission Funding Campaign Cottage Meetings

The Mission Funding Campaign this year includes Cottage Meetings, small gatherings to discuss the programs planned for 2023.  We hope to generate a lot of interest and enthusiasm for our activities that start in January 2023. Meetings are planned at the following locations: Downtown and Westside – October 25 at 6 p.m.Hosted by Jennifer WolfeFood

Choir Rehearsals

We’re Back!! Our choir for the holidays will start rehearsals on October 30 from 12:30 to 1:30 in the chapel.  We plan a Solstice Ceremony to see the year out and the new year in. Music readers and non-readers of all ages are invited.  We have recordings with each part so you can rehearse at

The Board Needs Additional Members

The UUCJ Board currently has 5 members (out of 8 members specified in the UUCJ Bylaws). 5 members are required for a quorum. Currently one member is out of the country until the end or October. So, the Board cannot conduct any official business (including the regular monthly meeting) until the end of the October.

Labor of Love Workday October 15

Saturday, October 15, 8 a.m. to noon. Meet at UUCJ to spruce up and repair where needed.  Opportunities for improvement include grounds cleanup, deck repair and decluttering the south wing rooms.  Other suggestions are welcome.   Please contact Steve Settle at if you have any questions.