President’s Letter

The success and survival of UUCJ relies on the contributions of many members.  The Worship Committee, Music Committee, and Minister coordinate a great variety of wonderful programs.  But we do not see the work done by many others.

When things need to be repaired, the grounds need to be cleaned, rooms need to be organized, or any of a variety of other jobs that need to be done, members of our community step up.  They quietly do the work and don’t seek recognition.  Today I would to thank some that I know about.

2 weeks ago Steven Settle organized a work day.  Steve and Carlos repaired rotten boards on the breezeway and stairs.  Kim Bartley spent the morning picking up fallen branches, enough to almost fill the dumpster.  She later worked to clean and declutter the former RE directors room.  Susan Ober washed windows and doors.  Betsy Duerling groomed the Butterfly Garden.  Luis Parra blew the leaves off the walkways.  Rob McKinnen ran the cables for the new security system and installed several cameras.  Many thanks to all of them for helping to improve the campus.  

UUCJ needs to attract new members.  Several people have agreed to work on the membership committee.  They bring a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to help our congregation grow. Thanks to Cyd Reider, Kathleen McKenzie, Jim, Kathleen Renee, and Cathy Courtney.

Lois Hoeft has volunteered to serve on the Board until the congregational meeting on Dec 11 when new Board members are elected.

Carlos is often at UUCJ alone to repair and upgrade the facility.  He has coordinated the group that monitors and responds to the alarm system.

The Capital Campaign (Kathleen McKenzie, Peter Racine and David Lafitte) has done a remarkable job of generating enthusiasm and encouraging contributions toward improvements and renovations to our facility for the past several years.  Improvements have included new lighting for the chapel and ministers office and replacement of the sidewalk from the upper parking lot.  Additional money is being collected for repair of the leaky skylight in the chapel.

David Lafiitte and Jeff Funderburk have planned and remodeled several things that you may not have noticed including removal of old lighting from the chapel, construction of duct enclosures in the chapel, framing for new windows in the minister’s and secretary’s offices and finishing woodwork and painting.

David has spent countless hours working with architects, and contractors to plan renovations to the social hall.  He has researched companies for repair of the chapel skylight and negotiated with a company to do the repairs in the near future. 

UUCJ Board members (Teri MItchell, Nancy Murray-Settle, Munsell McPhillips, Yanella Parra, and Meg Rohal) have worked very hard this year to represent the congregation and assure the continued church operations.

Our staff also does things you may not be aware of:

Krystalle Voecks, in addition to coordinating great Sunday services, has monitored our video camera and alarm systems.  She was responsible for alerting the police this year and allowing the arrest of the person responsible for several break-in’s and much of the vandalism at the church.

Virginia Deroy coordinates numerous activities for UUCJ (and provides adult supervision for those of us on the Board who need it.)

Tina Ramey is the one who makes sure that we get the information we need each week in the E-Blast and maintains the web page that is the initial point of contact for so many who are learning about UUCJ.

Someone is always left off the list.  Thanks to those members who I have failed to recognize.



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