We are a spiritual community celebrating Unitarian Universalist principles. We believe: Love is love. Black lives matter. Climate change is real. No human being is illegal. Women’s rights are human rights. All genders are whole, holy, and good.

By serving compassionately and connecting authentically, we change the world.

UUCJ Mission Statement

Our History

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville was founded in 1906 by Duncan Fletcher, who served as Mayor of Jacksonville and became one of Florida’s U.S. Senators. After hard times during the depression and war years, the congregation was renewed in the 1950s by strong lay-leadership, led by Dorcas and Francis Alberti. By 1958 the congregation had a home on St. John’s Avenue in Riverside. In 1960, a new minister, Rev. McGehee, was hired. Along with many members of our congregation, Rev. McGehee became an active leader in the civil rights movement.

The architect of our present building was Bob Broward, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. We share a boundary with the Tree Hill Nature Center, and our buildings have received significant architectural awards.

Our Covenant

In addition to the Seven Principles, UUCJ has its own congregational covenant.As members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville, in order to nurture and enhance our lives together in this sacred space where we seek personal growth, discern life’s meaning, and build relationships of fairness and love, we intend to:

  • Offer our unique gifts, talents, time, energy, and financial support.
  • Respect the views and needs of others, practicing tolerance, understanding, and acceptance even in disagreement, allowing loving relationship to transcend issues.
  • Celebrate the diversity within our midst even when it is difficult or uncomfortable.
  • Invite and welcome others in the quest for spiritual and ethical growth, recognizing each other and guests in fellowship.
  • Share the ministry of our church, caring for each other through times of joy and sorrow.

Our Symbol: The Flaming Chalice

A flame within a chalice (a cup with a stem and foot) is a primary symbol of the Unitarian Universalist faith tradition. Many of our congregations kindle a flaming chalice in gatherings and worships and feature the chalice symbol prominently.

Hans Deutsch, an Austrian artist, first brought together the chalice and the flame as a Unitarian symbol during his work with the Unitarian Service Committee during World War II. To Deutsch, the image had connotations of sacrifice and love.

To Unitarian Universalists today the flaming chalice is a symbol of hope, the sacred, the quest for truth, the warmth of community, the light of reason, and more.

We light a flaming chalice in worship to create a reverent space for reflection, prayer, meditation, and singing.

Our Partner Church

We have a partner church in Bozod, Romania. Learn more about our sister church and becoming involved!