Message from the Finance Committee

In these challenging times UUCJ has done a great job keeping our church community connected. However, we are facing a serious budget challenge because our pledges are $20,000 less than the budget approved by the Congregation in December. The Board recognized this problem and held a virtual Budget Summit on Saturday, April 4. Many of you participated and heard the budget options presented by the Finance Committee. A poll taken during the meeting asked whether members would be willing to increase their pledge; many said they would. You may increase your pledge by calling the church office at (904) 725-8133 and leaving a message for Virginia or emailing her at

During the meeting, a member suggested that all of us consider donating part or all of up to $1200 in government rescue funds that we may receive. For a one-time gift:

  • send a check to UUCJ (7405 Arlington Expressway 32211),
  • donate online (via PayPal) by visiting  (designation “Sunday Collection”),
  • or call Virginia to make a credit card payment over the phone.

Thursday Evening Zoom Chat

Thursday evening from 7-9pm, Rev. Marti will be hosting our weekly open zoom chat for those wanting an opportunity to share thoughts and  feelings about where we are at this uncertain time. If you wish to  participate, please let her know no later than 6 p.m. and she will send you a meeting invitation:

This week’s phone appointment office hours scheduled for Wednesdays from  7-9 pm. has been cancelled. Rev.Marti and her family will be observing  Passover.

Caring Calls

We have assembled a Covid19 caring calls team who will be calling all of our members in the next two weeks to check in to see how you are doing  in this uncertain and distressing time in the life of this church and  our wider community. We hope that you will feel the sense of connection and mutual support we  are hoping to convey. They will be offering resources both within and  outside UUCJ. We may be physically isolated but we are not emotionally  separated.

Arlington Community Services Update

UUCJ has donated 520 lbs. of groceries during March per Nichole Butterman, ACS Staff.  The ACS Teamsters UUCJ database only had 293 lbs. delivered, and the difference of 227 will be added to bring donations to the correct total for March. The importance of the 520 lbs. is that UUCJ members have stepped up their contributions during the COVID 19 crisis. Thanks again for continuing to support those less fortunate in the Arlington area. UUCJ ACS Teamster Team (Linda, Barbara, and Carlos) will continue to true up numbers at the end of the month to measure progress. By the way, we do not have any horses, we use small economical automobiles.

Arlington Community Garden Update

This is what the Arlington Community Garden grew for the month of March 2020:

7 oz. KALE
6 lbs Collard greens
10 LBS carrots
3 lbs radish
4 LBS Swiss Chard

TOTAL 26 LBS 15 oz.

Totaling: 25 LBS and 15 oz. of produce delivered to the food pantry Arlington Community Services.

Currently growing are peas, potatoes, blueberries, mustard greens, cucumbers, onions, herbs, like beans and just planted okra!

And since UUCJ started the garden, we have donated 5,401.48 pounds of fresh, organic produce to Arlington Community Services and continue to be their only source of fresh produce.

Nichole King is our current grower and is continuing to grow food for those in need during this crises.

Help Needed

Are you looking for a way to help your fellow UUCJ members while maintaining proper physical distance? We are looking for folks who can get on the phone and provide coaching in the following areas:

  • Help somebody sign into Breeze, update their own contact information, and access the online directory. This will allow more of our members to stay in touch by phone
  • Help somebody download and use Zoom for the first time. This will allow more of our members to attend worship, small groups, and pastoral conversations.
  • Help somebody learn more about their home computers so they can use them successfully with Zoom and other platforms.

If you can help, please email Rev. Roberta ( and she will put you in touch with somebody who will appreciate your help!

Soul Matters Zoom Sessions

What does it mean to be a people of trust? Sure, the current pandemic has caused a lot of changes to our personal lives and our life together in faith. But we can still work together on transition themes and issues. This week Rev. Roberta will lead two Zoom sessions of the Soul Matters workshop on trust that she led in person just a few weeks ago. Those who participated found the sessions challenging and affirming. You will get the most out of the workshop if you take a look at the spiritual exercises in advance and try one of them out for a few days. You can find them here: The session will be either Thursday April 2nd @ 7 pm ( or Friday April 3rd @ 10 am (

Arlington Community Services Update

Thanks for continuing to make donations even during the social distancing of due to Coronavirus. Sara May donated 10 pounds which was added to other contributions. This brought the March 26 total to 87 pounds. This is higher than our average weekly gifts! Marian Hines (via cash donation), Barbara, and Carlos donated 56 lbs. of groceries this morning.  Others have indicated that they planned to make donations, but did not share the weight of their contributions.

Please continue to make donations because the need is great and increasing.  Please take the appropriate precautions when shopping, making deliveries, and when returning home.

More Sermons from Rev. Marti

Rev. Marti is sharing sermons in both text and audio form as an  additional online UU resource. This week’s is a look at an American  Unitarian Prophetess– Margaret Fuller–thought by many to be the most  brilliant conversationalist and lecturer and original feminist of the  19th century. This in celebration of the end of Women’s History Month 2020. You can find the sermon here:

Drop-In Conversations

On Thursday evenings Rev. Roberta and Rev. Marti will facilitate a drop-in conversation space where we can check in with each other, share challenges and blessings, and support each other pastorally. You can join this conversation Thursday at 7 pm at