Finding Zoom Meetings in Breeze

Since we are holding all of our congregational events virtually, we want to make the Zoom meeting information as accessible as possible to our members while still keeping that information secure. For meetings, classes, and other events that are publicized, we will be publishing the Zoom meeting info in the e-blasts as well as on the Breeze calendar. To access the Zoom info on the Breeze calendar:

  1. Log into the Breeze church management system at (You can also login through the Breeze app)
  2. Click on “Events” from the Dashboard or the main menu
  3. Click on the event title — this will pull up a description of the event which will include the Zoom link, password, phone number, and meeting ID.

If you are a member or friend, and don’t yet have a login for Breeze, you can request an invite from Virginia Deroy, our Church Administrator ( We encourage all members to make use of this tool, as it gives you access to the online UUCJ directory, events, let’s you access your giving history, and more!

If you have a meeting or other event you’d like to publicize to the congregation in the e-blast and calendar, email Tina Ramey, the Communications Director, at (by Tuesday evening to get it in the Thursday e-blast).

UUA General Assembly Goes Virtual!

This year’s General Assembly, the annual summer gathering of UU’s from across the United States, is going to be virtual!  “A virtual GA has many benefits, including a significant reduction in our carbon footprint and the possibility of higher attendance, since it is more accessible for delegates and anyone else burdened by travel costs or time.”  Virtual attendance has been offered for GA for a number of years, and the planning staff is hard at work scaling and enhancing technology to accommodate a wider and larger audience.

The General Assembly is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association, and participants worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process.

The General Assembly is scheduled for June 24-26; registration for the virtual gathering is $150. For more information, and to register, go to

UUCJ is allowed five delegates (based on the size of our congregation). All delegates need to be registered for General Assembly to participate in debate or voting on GA Business Agenda items, but not in UUA Elections. More information about the delegate process is on the website. If you are interested in being a delegate this year, please contact Penny Reid, at, or any other Board member.  We have four available slots at this time.

New Virtual Meeting Procedures

As we move towards more virtual meetings during the COVID19 pandemic, the staff developed a procedure for booking, tracking, publicizing, and hosting virtual Zoom meetings for UUCJ activities and events. To the extent that they can, these procedures aim to mirror the general procedures for booking physical meetings on campus.

Generally, they require that meeting organizers book Zoom meetings through the Church Administrator (Virginia Deroy), communicate Zoom links and passwords privately, and take responsibility for hosting the meetings and for contacting the Communications Director (Tina Ramey) to publicize the event. We encourage the congregation to read the full procedure, published in the online UUCJ Policy and Procedure Manual:

“When Life Gives You a Pandemic, Bring on the Resilience!” a Webinar by Blanche Williams

Learn about stress, scientific reasons that pandemic stress is worse than everyday stress, and methods for coping that will help you maintain and improve your sense of well-being.  Takes place  Monday May 4th 8 -9pm.  Tickets on sale at the UUCJ After Auction Clearance Sale:

Need more info or help to defray the cost? Contact Blanche:

Caring Candles

Ann Guest had outpatient surgery on her vocal cords on April 17, 2020. She is not supposed to talk for at least two weeks. She would welcome cards and letters.

An Update from your Ministers

Rev. Marti and Rev. Roberta are pleased that so many of you are stepping up to offer programs and tech support during this time of virtual church. You will begin to see your Worship Associates taking a bigger role in the Sunday services beginning this Sunday. Both of the usual Sunday morning adult education opportunities (Spiritual Studies and Playing with Ideas) are now being offered via Zoom. Watch future enews for further information about how to attend these online adult education sessions.

Look for information in the next week or so about online adult education offerings from your ministers. Rev. Marti is putting together an online Haiku writing workshop, and Rev. Roberta will be offering several sessions of Bible for Liberals classes.

We have noted a dwindling interest in the Thursday evening Pastoral Conversation so we are discontinuing it. You can always contact us ( or for pastoral conversations.

Finally, a huge thank you to our staff (Jess, Virginia, Tina and Judy) for all the ways that they have adjusted to this virtual church reality and made it their business to keep all the core ministries of the congregation going under challenging circumstances.

Rev. Marti and Rev. Roberta

Thanks, Many Thanks for Your Continuing Generosity to Arlington Community Services

Last week we reported a delivery of 35 pounds of groceries. Because of a donation by Jeanne Huebner later in the week and the inclusion of Arlington Community Garden’s March contributions, the total for last week is now 73 pounds. We delivered 47 pounds, which including a cash donation from Marion Hines to purchase groceries, on Tuesday. Several individuals have indicated that they were going to make cash donations to ACS, including Barbara Robinson and Carlos Fraticelli. We know others are donating, and we will capture those donations at the end of the month. As Tony, the Tiger would say, “They’re grrrrrreat!”

For reference, here is their address (And note that they are now closed on Mondays. They are open Tuesday – Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – Noon):
Arlington Community Services
1450 Rogero Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Update from the Finance Committee

As of Tuesday, 13 families have increased their pledges totaling $6,400. And 1 family has made a one-time gift of $2,000. That’s a great response to the Board’s message. Thank you to all who are helping to make UUCJ the church we want.