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Letter from the President, June 2020

Dear UUCJ Family,

I hope you are all staying well during this time of increasing Covid-19 cases in our region. Trying times for us all! Over 60 people from UUCJ attended yesterday’s General Assembly church service from the UUA – I hope you were as inspired as I … read more.

Letter from The President, June 8, 2020

Dear UUCJ Family,

Several weeks ago, I sent you a letter announcing that Rev. Roberta and Rev. Marti were going to return to UUCJ in September and share a half-time position through December of this year.  Unfortunately, after deep consideration, they have determined that this would not … read more.

Letter from the President, April 2, 2020

Dear UUCJ Family,

I hope you are faring well, or as well as can be expected, during this weird time in all our lives.  While many of us are retired, I also know that there are a number of you who are “essential workers”, and I … read more.

Letter from the President, April 2020

Dear UUCJ Family,

I’m hoping this letter finds you doing OK during this weird time for all of us. I particularly am thinking about the members of our community who are first responders and healthcare workers and want to thank you for putting yourself out there for … read more.

Letter from the President, February 2020

Dear UUCJ Family,

Out of their concern for the financial well-being of UUCJ, Rev. Roberta and Rev. Marti have requested that their contracts be converted from 12-month contracts (through July 31, 2020) to 11-month contracts (through June 30, 2020).  After much thoughtful conversation, weighing the pros … read more.

Letter from the President, December 2019

Dear UUCJ Family,

Thank you to all who attended the Congregational Meeting on December 16.  We had over 65 people in attendance!

Thank you to Rev. Marti for her wonderful message about telling our story “forward”, and to Jeff Funderburk for moderating the meeting.  All of the … read more.

Letter from the President, October 2019

Dear UUCJ Family,

I didn’t send a message from the President last month because I was in Serbia visiting friends for three weeks. In 2016, I had a young Serbian couple live with me for almost 4 months while they were working at a restaurant here … read more.

Letter from the President, March 2019

Dear Fellow UU’s, 

This is the first of what I plan to be monthly (or more!) messages about what’s happening with your Board. (This is a long one. Please read to the end.) We want to be as transparent as possible. The live-streaming of the board … read more.

Letter from the President, January 2019

Dear Members/Friends of UUCJ,

I’ve started this letter about three times and then events intervened before I could send it to you. Now I’m trying again. Thanks to Board members who helped with this letter. You’ve heard much church news and opinions recently. I want to … read more.

President’s Letter: October 2017

Dear Members of the UUCJ Congregation,

I’m Mark Dickens, your new President as of June 2017. This is my first monthly letter to you and I’d just like to give you a short update on a few of the things we’ve been working on.

For many months … read more.