Carol Vogel

Carol Vogel was involved in a major car wreck: She is home and okay but needs help getting around. Her car is out of commission and she needs to go shopping, plus rides to the church and to the library. Her stove is also out of commission and she is looking for a secondhand stove in order to cook  her food. Her ONLY phone number is (904)399-4519. She has no email.

Please reach out to her if you can help!

We Need Your Help Every Other Thursday Evening!

Could you pop by UUCJ to roll our Recycling Trashcan up to the curb for pickup on Friday, and then pop back by UUCJ Friday afternoon or evening to roll the can back to its resting spot? This would be a huge help to the Church staff and a small time commitment on your part. Good karma to boot! Please contact Virginia ( or 904-900-5774.)

Weekday Book Club Selections

  • July 1st: Kirk Johnson, The Feather Thief
  • August 5th: The Future is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia by Masha Gessen
  • September 8th: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston

We meet at Books-a-Million on Atlantic Boulevard from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Pastoral Care Training

Buckman Bridge is offering training for interested people July 19th, 6p-9:30pm, and Saturday, July 20th, 9am-4pm, at no charge to UUCJ. Dinner Friday night and lunch on Saturday are provided. People with extreme food restrictions should bring a bag lunch.  If you are interested, complete the application form (click here to download the form) and return to Penny Reid, UUCJ Board President, at by July 7th.  Sara May from UUCJ will be attending the course, and it would be wonderful to have two or three additional people!
If you have any questions, contact either Penny or Rev. Patricia Ray at And, if you weren’t at church at UUCJ on Sunday, May 5th, you can view her wonderful sermon about the PCT program here:

Followup on Our 2019 Earth Day Resolution Tree

Our Earth Day Resolution Tree went up on April 28 and stayed up until May 12 (three weeks).  We were happy to have had 31 green resolutions posted.  Thank you all!  Here are the topics of your resolutions and the number of people posting on that topic:  Using less plastic-6.  Vegan/Vegetarian-4.  Recycling-3.  Local/organic food-2.  Grow more food-2.  Composting-2.  Trash-2.  Less paper-2.  No plastic straws-2.  Reusable grocery bags-2.  Florida natives-1.  Education-1.  Be effective in actions-1.  Nature outings-1.  Total-31.  Thank you to all our participants for resolving to make the earth a little greener!

Special Collection: Don’t Miss a Beat

This Sunday’s special collection will be for Don’t Miss a Beat whose mission is “ …to blend music, art, academic achievement, and civic engagement to inspire and enlighten children and teens in the Riverside, Brooklyn and Woodstock communities.” DMAB utilizes the performing arts as a tool to facilitate youth development and to cultivate talent in the arts. In addition, they provide tutoring and academic support thereby enhancing educational achievement and graduation rates. We are honored to have Ulysses Owens Jr: powerhouse jazz musician, Julliard alumnus, Edward Waters Faculty member and founder and artistic director of this great organization speak to us today. The Don’t Miss A Beat All Stars will be providing the music for the service.

Speaker Bio for May 19th: David Keel

David joined UUCJ over 12 years ago and has serviced as a member or as the chairperson of many committees. In 2017 he was a board member. He is currently a member of the Committee on Ministry. In 2005 David wrote the book Pathways to Awareness. He has been attending the UUCJ Spiritual Studies class for 12 years. He has been involved L’Arche, a residential community for adults with disabilities, for over a decade. He has worked in financial planning and in real estate. He has been married for over 46 years to Kathy and has three daughters who live in Florida.