Memorial Service for Gail Bristol

A Memorial Service for Gail Bristol will be held at UUCJ (7405 Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, FL 32211) on August 4, 2018 at 1:00 pm. There will be a reception afterwards in the Social Hall, provided by UUCJ members and friends.  If you are able to help with finger food donations and/or the set-up/clean-up for the reception, please contact Betsy Deuerling at or Lois Hoeft at

Please plan to bring food by 12:30 pm.

Thank You from READ USA

READ USA sent us a warm thank-you letter following our fundraiser for their book fair:

Thank you to the generous congregation of Unitarian Universalist Church for your tremendous role in delivering over 26,000 new books to 6,697 pre-k to elementary students in 16 Title 1 schools in 5 days with 1,000’s of smiles!

Your generous donation of $5,000 and Meg Rohal’s volunteer leadership and recruitment among your congregation not only helped ensure that every student at Arlington Heights Elementary School participated in a colorful, beautiful book fair…by choosing 3 brand new books to own for free just in time for summer break, but you also encouraged other donors and volunteers to expand the impact! 100% of your donation went toward the purchase of new books the students chose to own because READ USA, Inc. is 100% volunteer run…Thank you for your investment in literacy where it matters most to our future! Readers are Leaders!

~ Ellen A. Will, President, READ USA, Inc.

Green Sanctuary Meeting: August 5

Green Sanctuary meeting: This Sunday, August 5th, 12:30 in the Fletcher Room

Any member or guest interested in UUCJ’s efforts to “green” the Sanctuary is encouraged to attend. Brief updates will be given and future plans discussed. All are welcomed!

June 29th Speaker Bio: Rev. Victoria Hamilton

Rev. Victoria Hamilton, is co-pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church. She co-pastors with her husband William, affectionately known as P-Ham, to whom she has been married for more than 48 years.  Vicki was called to the then 128 year old historical congregation, whose membership was declining in January 2000 as a mission developer.  The congregation has changed dramatically and has become ethnically diverse.
She has been a church-wide board member of the African American Lutheran Association, Assistant to the Bishop for the African American Strategy, synod’s anti-racism team. She is an advocate for LGBT rights and is a member of Reconciling Works. She has also served ecumenically with Beat the Odds (a community program helping and encouraging young teen parents to finish school) and has conducted numerous workshops on self-esteem and empowerment.

June 15th Speaker Bio: Ericka Kofkin

Ericka Kofkin is the Special Populations Coordinator for the City of Coral Gables. The city firmly believes in including every person in their recreational, sporting and social activities, regardless of their physical or cognitive condition. This means that Ericka is responsible for addressing the needs of and providing accommodations for all persons wishing to participate in public programs in Coral Gables. Compassion for and understanding of those with physical disabilities comes easily for Ericka, who lost her hearing when she sustained a traumatic brain injury at the age of 19.

Ericka currently holds a Therapeutic Recreation  degree from Florida International University, where she was the first disabled student awarded accommodations to travel on a University sponsored program. Ericka’s compassion doesn’t end with human beings. She is also a champion of animals. She moves through the world with the help of her service dog, Avery, whom she trained herself. In the past, she once came to the rescue of 13 dogs and 30 cats, moving them into her own home after a flood until they could be returned to their shelter. This inborn sense of compassion and commitment makes Ericka a natural advocate for those who face physical or cognitive challenges.

Aging to Saging: Only 17 Spaces Left!

Only 17 spaces remain for Aging to Saging – Designing your Extraordinary Elderhood, the theme for SUUFI (SE UU Fall Institute) October 14th-19th. It’s held at The Mountain in Highlands NC — a beautiful time of the year. Eight Jacksonville UU’s have already registered and three are leading workshops: Donna Janesky, Meg Rohal, and Linda Plummer. With the early bird discount, the 6 day/5 night package is $545 based on double occupancy. This includes 5 nights lodging, 3 meals/day, programming, music from Friction Farm.

At this link you can see the SUUFI 2018 Schedule of activities: Register on line or call the main office at 828.526.5838

If you want to know more about SUUFI, Linda Plummer is happy to answer questions. 904.223.5505

July 8th Speaker Bio: Basma Alawee

Basma Alawee came to the US from Iraq in 2010 with a BS in Material Engineering. Her experience of arriving in the US made her keenly aware of the issues refugees face, and she began to volunteer at several local organizations to help. She was selected as a delegate for Florida at the UNHCR Refugee Congress in 2013 and to be on the board of the Refugee Center online. Basma’s love of children and math led her to teach for five years at the Foundation Academy and to encourage the students to volunteer with newly arriving refugees. Basma is attending FSCJ pursuing a degree in accounting technology management. She is also a Florida Refugee Organizer with the Florida Immigrant Coalition and We Are America to advocate for and lift Florida’s refugees’ voices.