UUSC Call to Action!

Despite the president’s order to stop separating families at the border, the crisis is far from over. It’s important to support our UU Service Committee with phone calls to legislators. Remember that the founders of UUSC, Rev. Waitsill and Martha Sharp, gave up their lives in the US in 1939 to help people flee the Nazi terror in Europe. Surely we can take a few minutes to call or write a letter.

The most important item to stress to your legislators is that the children who were taken from their parents need to be re-united as quickly as possible. Grants for asylum should not be reduced; TPS (protective status) for many Central American and Haitian refugees should remain in place. Our country could also increase aid and support to the countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala so that people do not have to flee in the first place. Choose any of these points to discuss, but please do something. If we are silent, Congress can only assume we do not care.

  • Sen. Marco Rubio – 904-354-4300 DC – 202-224-3041
  • Sen. Bill Nelson – 904-346-4500 DC – 202-224-5274
  • Dist. 4 – Rep. John Rutherford – 904-831-5205 DC- 202-225-2501
  • Dist. 3 – Rep. Ted Yoho – 904-276-9626 DC – 202-225-5744
  • Dist. 5 – Rep. Al Lawson – 904-354-1652 DC – 202-225-0123
  • Dist. 6 – Rep. Ron DeSantis – DC – 202-225-2706

Outreach Partnership

Riverkeepers looks for volunteers & UUCJ looks to keep our pond healthy. Partnering = positive impact on Campus & all of NE Florida!

There are even teaching CRUISES during the year! See all events at: http://www.stjohnsriverkeeper.org/events

“As a resident near the river, I participate almost daily in picking up trash that would wind up in the river and I garden in “green” (no pesticides no herbicides) to minimize my impact on the river. The Riverkeepers counts on all of us to help in the healing of the St John’s.” unofficial spokeswoman, Yanella Parra.

Volunteers needed for Missy James’ Reception

Volunteers are needed to help with the Missy James’ reception on Thursday 5/17/18 immediately following the service at 2:00 pm.  We will need help setting up around 11:30 and cleaning up after the reception. We will need help setting up tables, tablecloths, coffee pots (regular and decaf) and dishes for finger food.  The family will provide the food and cold drinks.

Please contact Janine Leland (j9leland@bellsouth.net) if you are willing and able to lend a hand.  We would be most appreciative!

Earth Day Choir

Anyone who likes to sing is invited to join our choir for our annual Earth Day program on April 22.  Rehearsals will begin on Sunday, March 11 at 12:30 in the chapel.  Music readers and non-readers are welcome.  Rehearsal CD’s are available so you can practice at home as well as each week at church.  For information and encouragement speak with Sharon Scholl.

Volunteers Needed for February 16th

On February 16th we will be having an event for the Children & Youth of UUCJ. We need at least four volunteers from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Duties will include chaperoning children in K-12th grade, playing games, making milkshakes and potentially some light lifting. If you want to put a smile on a child’s face please email our DRE, Tyler Burley, at tyler@uucj.org for more information.

Volunteering is so easy!

You enjoy Sunday social hour? – help keep it going. It takes little time, and “newbies” have someone there to help. Sign up in social hall with Karen Scott or Bowen Barrs. If most members signed up, you’d only have to do it once a year!

We’re looking for more Caring Coordinators!

Caring Network Neighborhood Coordinator – Job Description

The Caring Network is made up of a group of thirteen Neighborhood  Coordinators who serve as links between members in zip code clusters and church activities.


The purpose of a Neighborhood Coordinator is to stay in touch with the concerns of the  members in their Neighborhood Group, such as illness, death in the family and other difficulties; and keeping personal information confidential.

Duties of a Coordinator

  • Arrange visits to members in their home, hospital or care facility
  • Arrange rides to medical appointments, church or unexpected trips
  • Arrange short-term child care in emergencies
  • Arrange for meals in emergencies
  • Make phone calls to members and send cards and notes
  • Coordinators together with the Caring Network Chair keep the minister informed as to the needs of the congregants.
  • Receive names of new church members from the Chair, and update their list of members for each of their zip codes

If you’re interested, contact Janine Leland (Chair, The Caring Network)