Service Opportunities (Page 2)

Service Opportunities (Page 2)

The Board Needs Additional Members

The UUCJ Board currently has 5 members (out of 8 members specified in the UUCJ Bylaws). 5 members are required for a quorum. Currently one member is out of the country until the end or October. So, the Board cannot conduct any official business (including the regular monthly meeting) until the end of the October. Additional members can be appointed by the Board President with the consent of the Board to fill vacancies. Appointed members serve until the next congregational…

Labor of Love Workday October 15

Saturday, October 15, 8 a.m. to noon. Meet at UUCJ to spruce up and repair where needed.  Opportunities for improvement include grounds cleanup, deck repair and decluttering the south wing rooms.  Other suggestions are welcome.   Please contact Steve Settle at if you have any questions.

Welcome Garden

On Labor of Love Sunday, several volunteers who worked in the front north garden as you enter the church, were dismayed by all the weeds and how it has not looked very inviting for some time. This area is the first thing visitors see, and several of us have decided to take action so we will be proud of all of our beautiful campus. Hope Clayton, Darlene Larson, Betsy Deuerling, Yanella Parra, and Donna Janesky have come up with the…

Arlington Community Garden Open Hours

Our garden will be open for volunteers and visitors every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 9-12. It grows food for the pantry at Arlington Community Services  and  is located at Tree Hill Nature Center’s East (bus) entrance. (Tree Hill is located at 7152 Lone Star Road and has 2 entrances on that road). Come meet our grower, Nichole Sparks, and see what UUCJ’s organic vegetable garden is growing! This is our Green Sanctuary environmental justice project and and we especially…

Coffee Hour Volunteers needed for September

Big thank-you to the volunteers that stepped up to the plate and volunteered for August! We now have that month filled, but there are no volunteers for the month of September, and we need you! You can volunteer by adding your name by your selected date in the coffee volunteer book set out during coffee hour. You do not need to bring snacks; just set up coffee, plates and napkins and do a quick cleanup after. You will need to…

Coffee Lovers Needed!

Our kitchen is cleaned, organized and labeled, now we need volunteers to sign up for coffee hour. The sign up is for one day at a time so the more people that volunteer the easier the job. (No volunteers mean no coffee that day!). Before the service, you will follow the directions to set up coffee, set out plates and napkins, and possibly empty a dishwasher. After the service, there is a quick cleanup of the coffee pot and dishes.…

Small Group Facilitator Training

Interested in a UUCJ Small Group?  UUCJ has three functioning Small Groups meeting once a month in Arlington, the Beaches and Fernandina.  Soul Matters materials are being used to facilitate discussions.  Deepening relationships within small groups strengthens our congregation. One or two more groups could be formed.  Finding a trained facilitator is the first step. In August Soul Matters Training sessions will be offered to new and experienced facilitators.  If you would like to consider this role contact Penny Reid…

Garden Help Needed June 4

Our grower, Nichole, will be celebrating her birthday morning on June 4 by working at our garden from 9am to noon. As the JU & UNF student helpers are gone for the summer she could use help from UUCJ. Please come by to wish her a happy birthday & offer a helping hand. No experience necessary. Your visit will brighten her day and help her grow food for the pantry at Arlington Community Services!

Labor of Love Workday

Saturday, June 25, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Meet at UUCJ to spruce up and make repairs.  We need a team to parse the kitchen cupboards, decide what needs to go, and donate useful items to a thrift store. Grounds work and setting up the Anthony conference room are also planned.  Please contact Steve Settle at if you have any questions.

Help Secure Our Campus

Volunteers are needed for member security.  Spend an hour and a half walking around campus keeping an eye on the parking lot as members meet on Sunday between 9:15 and 12:15. Need 2-4 members. Sign up here.