We are delighted to welcome everyone to UUCJ, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious background, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We invite you to take your time getting to know us, our beliefs, and our values before deciding to become a member.

If you feel at home here, we encourage you to contact our membership committee and let them know of your interest in becoming a member. While membership is not required to participate in our community, it offers certain privileges such as having a vote on congregational matters, being able to join the board or become a committee/team chair, having access to members-only online content, and knowing that you’re supporting a community that shares your values and works to make the world a better place.

To become a member, you must

  1. Be at least 18 years old,
  2. completes a UU 101 course or workshop,
  3. sign the membership book,
  4. submit an financial pledge and traceable financial contribution every year,
  5. and abide by the congregational covenant.

Once you join, we urge you to deeply connect and participate within your beloved community. We can’t thrive, we can’t fulfill our mission, we can’t be a COMMUNITY without you! We need you to make your voice known through our congregational meetings and votes, help shape our vision and long-term goals, help work towards our mission through committee and volunteer work, and sustain community life with active engagement in our services and events. (Check out the section below, “I’ve just become a member. What next?” for ideas on how to get involved.)

If you have any questions about UUCJ membership, please contact our membership team or check out our online membership course. We also hold meetings and classes throughout the year for people wanting to learn more about UUism, our community, and becoming a member. (Check out our online calendar or join our mailing list to keep abreast of those events!)

Get Connected

Once you’ve become a member, there are so many ways to get involved. Here is how you can get started:

  • Connect with other members! Join one of our affinity groups, classes, or chalice circles.
  • Do some good! Get involved with our many justice initiatives (our service projects, green action projects, and social justice initiatives such as ICARE.)
  • Join a committee. There are so many to choose from, catering to a myriad of interests and skill sets. Choose the one that’s right for you!
  • Volunteer. There are many service opportunities within our community, and we are always looking for passionate, committed, and talented folks. From repairing things around the campus, working in our community garden, helping out with coffee hour, or volunteering in the office, there is just the right fit for you! Check out our service opportunities page for current volunteer needs.
  • Get connected online. There are many ways to stay informed and connect with members online.
    • Make sure to join our mailing list (if you haven’t already): we send out weekly emails detailing our upcoming worship service and events, as well as communicating important announcements.
    • Join Breeze, our online church management tool where you can access our member directory, manage your contact profile, view your financial contributions, and more! (As a new member, you should have gotten an invitation to join–contact our church administrator if you haven’t, and we will set you up.)
    • Register for the members-only section of our website. This portal includes a member discussion forum, a member knowledge base, and links to important information.