Books at Seven, Second Thursday

Books at Seven, Second Thursday

Are you interested in a new book club? At 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 11, we will have a Zoom meeting to plan one or two or a few. A book club is already meeting with Barbara Robinson. Allen Tilley intends to lead a new one which will meet on Zoom for an hour or so at seven on the second Thursday of the month. People will talk about what they have been reading. If other people get interested in reading one of the books too, they will be able to plan to read it and discuss it at the next meeting in a breakout group. (Other groups can discuss different books.) Books suggested for general reading will need to be available on Kindle or in some other convenient way.

Some people may be interested in yet other kinds of book clubs. What about a teen book club? Or one in which people commit to giving a report on a selected topic? Or a science fiction, or historical fiction, or grocery store rack novels group? We’ll have a general talk about what people would like to see on the 11th, and see if we can find people to lead alternative groups. If you would like to lead a group give it some thought. If a general “What have you been reading?” discussion such as Allen suggests interests you, Thursday the 11th will be your first meeting.

If you’re interested in joining, you can find the Zoom link on the Breeze calendar (you need a member login to access).


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