Welcome to the UUCJ Climate Survival Team.

We strongly believe in the urgency of climate change. It’s not just a distant threat—it’s happening right now, and it’s accelerating rapidly. This crisis affects us all, and here in Northeast Florida, we’re especially vulnerable.

Climate change can feel overwhelming and complex. While many are aware of some aspects, we believe not enough people have a comprehensive understanding. That’s why we’ve compiled a resource folder with valuable information about what’s happening. You can search for and download documents from this folder, organized with links for easy browsing. It’s freely available to everyone, and we encourage you to share it widely.

We recommend starting with the Start Here document to orient yourself.

Our team has come together to support our congregation, families, and friends in navigating these perilous times. Currently, our key initiatives include the Climate Info Folder, preparing our community for emergencies, and building partnerships with local climate action groups.

We gather after church services on the third Sunday of each month, both in person (Anthony Room) and on Zoom. View our upcoming events below.

Everyone is welcome to join our efforts. Reach out to us at to connect.

Together, let’s confront the climate crisis and work towards a sustainable future.

Upcoming Events

July 2024
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