Skillful Means – the Ways We Lead and Serve

The Leadership Development Council offers team leaders two ways to access helpful knowledge and tools.

  1. By accessing the UU Leadership Institute (UULI) website and registering for online trainings, and by
  2. Connecting with experienced and knowledgable UUCJ Councilors who can help committees and teams with specific needs.

Do you love to learn and grow?

UU Leadership Institute
A Learning Community for UUs

From core leadership skills to UU history and theology, to practical trainings for membership and stewardship, the Unitarian Universalist Leadership Institute offers trainings to deepen, engage and develop our members’ knowledge and perspective. Whether you study alone or share the experience with your committee, these modules offer exciting content and application for our beloved community! Expanding our knowledge base and honing our skills, this is the place where UUCJ members can find practical leadership learnings throughout the year.

Most classes are on demand, and can complete as your time allows. FREE online trainings/learnings and additional classes are at a nominal fee (usually $15-$30 per course)

Current FREE UULI Trainings

  • FacilitatIon
  • Spiritual Care-giving
  • Doing Theology in Public
  • Organizing on the Side of Love
  • Congregational Stewardship
  • Process in Plurality
  • Importance of Small Congregations
  • to name just a few!

View all free trainings by clicking here.

Core Trainings for Leadership Development – a five part series
This is GREAT for committees to LEARN, SHARE and APPLY together!
Check them out here.

About Registration Fees

The LDCouncil does have a limited amount of money to reimburse members for trainings. We will gladly help chairs and committee members attend the fee-based classes. We ask that you check in with LDC regarding which module you wish to attend. You will pay the fee upfront at registration. And then when you finish the course, with the completion certificate, the LDC will reimburse you for the cost of the class.

In addition, the Southern Region is offering free Toolbox Webinars to assist us with practical assorted programs that members can sign up for on the UUA website along with the Leadership Experience Primer with lectures, activities and materials for this church year. Take a look!

Connect with a UUCJ Councilor

The Leadership Development Council also offers committee chairs the ability to work with experienced UUCJ Leaders who can help with your committee’s skills and knowledge.

Topics as needed:

  • Developing group guidelines (process and decision making skills)
  • Effective Meetings (agendas, recording, minutes)
  • Group dynamics and roles
  • Communication skills
  • Vision, mission, goals, and budget using participatory processes
  • Strategic planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Meyers-Briggs and other team-buidling tools
  • Your particular need…

Contact the LDC Committee Chair at to find the right topic and person to meet with your team!