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What is Soul Matters?

UUCJ subscribes to Soul Matters, a UU-based organization that develops, researches, curates, and crowd-sources theme-based resources. Every month, Soul Matters delves into a new spiritual theme which we integrate into our worship services.

We also make use of their monthly resource packs to provide valuable materials for families, small groups, the worship team, and communications. These resources are designed to educate, inspire, and enhance spiritual growth.

Parent’s can download monthly packets –entitled “Soulful Home”– to use at home with their children. This resource provides parents with tools and activities to help them support their child’s spiritual development outside of church.

We provide a small group packet to members as well. This packet, used in our Chalice Circles, encourages deeper engagement with the monthly theme.

At UUCJ, we strive to create a welcoming environment where everyone can deepen their spiritual understanding and connect with others in meaningful ways. Our partnership with Soul Matters enables us to provide quality resources and programming that support this mission.

The Monthly Theme

The monthly theme for this month is “Pluralism.”

We are all more human than otherwise*
Rev. Richard Gilbert
Full piece at https://www.uua.org/worship/words/reading/we-are-all-more-human

The human race is a vast rainbow bursting into view
of white and black, red, yellow and brown…
Yet for all there are fingers to touch, hearts to break, eyes to cry, ears to hear, mouths to speak…
Boundaries divide us, lines drawn to mark our diversity,
maps charted to separate the human race from itself.
Yet a mother’s grief, a father’s love, a child’s happy cry,
a musician’s sound, an artist’s stroke, batter the boundaries and shatter the walls…


UUCJ members can download monthly content packets for small groups and families.

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