Sermons by Rev. Paul Johnson

Sermons by Rev. Paul Johnson

Easter: A Celebration of Joy

Each year as I prepare an Easter sermon I have in mind the words of Rev Dr. Frederick May Eliot, president of the American Unitarian Association from 1937 until his death in 1958. “When I go to church on Easter I expect to be reminded of the elemental truth that in this universe of ours with all its hesitancies and timidities and tragedy, the tides of life are flowing fresh, manifold, and free. I expect to find myself swept into…

The Thrill of Victory & The Agony of Defeat

For several years these words were the lead-in for ABC’s Wide World of Sports, but they have application to our entire national life. On this Super Bowl Sunday Rev. Paul Johnson looks at the positive and negative features of our national mania for competition.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness in 2021

I’ve long been impressed with this simple statement which came to Ann Herbert in a Sausalito restaurant in the early 1980’s. She wrote it on her placemat and shared it with a fellow sitting nearby who in turn shared it with others. It spread throughout the land. A book was written. Oprah did a program on it. A foundation was started. It’s due for a revival. – Rev. Paul

Marks of Maturity

Our UU principle calling us to encourage each other in our spiritual growth draws on the tradition of “self- culture” and “salvation by character” established by such forebears as Margaret Fuller, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and James Freeman Clarke. Rev. Paul Johnson develops his personal, contemporary take on this worthy tradition.


Chaim Potok begins his insightful novel In the Beginning with the words “All beginnings are Hard.” Indeed, they are. Rev. Paul Johnson deals with some of these hardships but also points out the keen anticipation, even exhilaration, of the beginnings in our lives.