Sermons on Beloved Community

Sermons on Beloved Community

Our Hope in Finding Each Other

Come join us for our next installment for our Summer Series entitled “How can We Change the World?” We are pleased to welcome Matt Hartley, the director of the UNF Interfaith Center.

Resuscitation, Resurrection, and Reincarnation

The Easter story is replete with opportunities to interpret its “true” meaning. There are seven atonement theories that attempt to explain and give meaning to Jesus’s death on a cross. What if atonement weren’t the point at all? What if Jesus came to live, not to die? What if Easter is a metaphor with an entirely different hopeful message? Join Rev. Lee Anne as she explores the meaning of the Easter story and applies the metaphor to our beloved community.

2022–Almost Normal?

This Sunday is Donna’s annual reflection on the past year. We are also going to be lighting candles in remembrance of the homeless who have died in 2022.

Embracing Possibility

“May you live in interesting times” isn’t actually a curse–instead, it holds the potential for great things. Listen as Rev. Lee Anne shares ways to Embrace Possibility in all the things that life brings to us–as individuals, and as members of a beloved community.

Come, Yet Again, Come

Teri Mitchell, Nancy Murrey-Settle, and Munsell McPhillips explore the values, virtues, and covenants of Unitarian Universalism.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness in 2021

I’ve long been impressed with this simple statement which came to Ann Herbert in a Sausalito restaurant in the early 1980’s. She wrote it on her placemat and shared it with a fellow sitting nearby who in turn shared it with others. It spread throughout the land. A book was written. Oprah did a program on it. A foundation was started. It’s due for a revival. – Rev. Paul