Sermons on Ethics

Sermons on Ethics

Person's hands holding a gift.

Generosity is a Spiritual Practice

When people hear that “generosity is a spiritual practice” they think in terms of giving away money or material possessions. Rev. Lee Anne explores some of the other dimensions of generosity—generosity of heart, generosity of spirit, and generosity of acceptance, just to name a few.

Finding an Ethical Center

As our Adult Education participants are discovering, what we consider ethical depends largely on how we see the world and what value(s) we hold utmost. Rev. Lee Anne will explore what happens when we impose an ethic of compassion onto capitalism as we are currently experiencing it.
Love is Part 2

Love is __________: Part 2

The second installment in our new worship series, “Love is _______.” Love does not place the self before others. Love does not place others before the self.