Sermons on Society & Culture

Sermons on Society & Culture

Our Hope in Finding Each Other

Come join us for our next installment for our Summer Series entitled “How can We Change the World?” We are pleased to welcome Matt Hartley, the director of the UNF Interfaith Center.

Poetry Sunday

Hope Clayton and Sharon Scholl lead a service exploring how poetry helps us to resist blindness to beauty, insensitivity to others, and our own stodgy refusal to change.

In the Names of Love

While we say that we love our families and friends, we also say we love ice cream. Are we equating our deepest and most profound relationships with our gastronomic preferences? The Greek language has at least 8 different names for love—each pointing to a precise and unique relationship between the lover and the loved. Join us as Rev. Lee Anne Washington explores what we mean when we use the word “love.”

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Books: a Precious Freedom and its Challenges

Shutta Crum served for thirty years as an educator and a librarian. She is also an award-winning writer of books for children and poetry for adults, who was awarded the Michigan Library Assoc. Award of Merit as youth librarian of the year (2002). She’s taught at the high school and college levels, and under the auspices of the Mich. Council for the Arts.The author of thirteen picture books, three novels, two collections of poetry, and more than 140 published poems,…

The Power of Poetry to Lead, to Heal, and to Call Us to Community

Recently, one of our national leaders was lambasted when she quoted a line from a poem during a crisis moment for the country. And yet, poetry is EXACTLY what we need during our times of need. The poetic use of words, oratory, and voice can claim our souls like no other when we are floundering, emotionally and spiritually, as individuals or as a country.