Sermons on Spirituality

Sermons on Spirituality

How Well Fits Your Shell?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when something has to change. Who we are; what we think we are all about; and what we think we are doing comes under examination. Lee Anne will explore the tell-tale signs that you are growing spiritually, and might need to rethink your identity, try something different, live into a changing reality, or just get a bigger shell! (Note: We didn’t capture the beginning of the sermon, so we apologize for the abrupt…

The Power of Poetry to Lead, to Heal, and to Call Us to Community

Recently, one of our national leaders was lambasted when she quoted a line from a poem during a crisis moment for the country. And yet, poetry is EXACTLY what we need during our times of need. The poetic use of words, oratory, and voice can claim our souls like no other when we are floundering, emotionally and spiritually, as individuals or as a country.

Embracing Possibility

“May you live in interesting times” isn’t actually a curse–instead, it holds the potential for great things. Listen as Rev. Lee Anne shares ways to Embrace Possibility in all the things that life brings to us–as individuals, and as members of a beloved community.