A Garden of Spiritual Delights

Sometimes we fail to appreciate the spiritual gifts generously sprinkled amongst us. Rev. Lee Anne will explore the idea of spiritual gifts, their distribution among our beloved community, and share suggestions for ways to connect with moments of spiritual delight.

Come join us as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Flower Communion. Bring a flower from your garden, your neighbor’s garden, or the flower shop down the street. If you forget, we’ll have some extras available.

Mini-Concert: Chris Kastle

Chris Kastle is an award winning storyteller, poet, musician and acclaimed songsmith, author, artist, and educator with a number of recordings and publications to her credit as well as a YouTube Channel. She is a professional touring performer and seasoned traveler who offers insight into a lifetime of adventure and is a recipient of the Annette J. Bruce Lifetime Achievement Award from the Florida Storytelling Association. Learn more at https://chriskastle.com.


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