The Importance of Staying Grounded

We live in a technological world. The result is that we are constantly bombarded with invisible positively charged ions. As electrically charged beings ourselves, we are negatively affected by too much of them. What we need is balance. We need more negatively charged ions to maintain good health. Rev. Lee Anne will explore the physical and spiritual well-being fostered by regular “grounding.”  

Mini-Concert: Grant Nielson

Grant Nielsen is an award-winning designer, an acclaimed musician, entertainer, producer, and recent author of his first fiction novel. Professionally, he is the co-founder and creative director of Nuera Marketing, located in the heart of San Marco. Though there is little within the creative realm that he hasn’t dabbled in, he considers himself, first and foremost, a storyteller whether that be spoken word or song. He has lived in Jacksonville since 1985 and takes great pride in being a voice in the creative chorus of the region.

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