After the Services: Social/Hospitality Hour

All that singing, thinking, meditating, and listening can make a body hungry.  Our Hospitality Committee knows that well.  They ensure that members (and visitors) may refresh themselves after services downstairs in the Hospitality Room with food, drink and good conversation provided by that week’s hospitality team.  Hospitality volunteers make conscientious efforts to respect members’ dietary requirements, such as identifying typical allergens (nuts, dairy, wheat), providing vegetarian or vegan options, and paying attention to healthy eating.  Best efforts respecting members’ needs are appreciated.  However, if you are concerned about food selections, feel free to bring a nosh that you can eat!  If you aren’t in the mood for socializing, feel free to walk the grounds alone or with a few companions.  We have gardens, trails, sitting benches, and a labyrinth for you to explore.