General Organizational Structure

UU of Jacksonville’s (UUCJ) Covenants that Extend our Seven Principles


In addition to the Seven Principles that define us Unitarian Universalists, our church, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville [has its own congregational covenant. These promises are extensions of our covenantal faith.  They encourage us as congregational members to seek personal growth, discern life’s meaning, and build relationships of fairness and love]:

  • Offer our unique gifts, talents, time, energy, and financial support.
  • Respect the views and needs of others, practicing tolerance, understanding, and acceptance even in disagreement, allowing loving relationship to transcend issues.
  • Celebrate the diversity within our midst even when it is difficult or uncomfortable.
  • Invite and welcome others in the quest for spiritual and ethical growth, recognizing each other and guests in fellowship.
  • Share the ministry of our church, caring for each other through times of joy and sorrow.